Showcase life at your company to attract candidates


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The average candidate researches your company for 2 hours before applying.

They want to understand the company culture, the specifics of the job, and whom they'll get to work with - or else they move on to the next company.

LifeGuides makes sure the right content about your company exists in all the places candidates research you

You now have a proactive employer brand, and the right people applying

How Does LifeGuides Build Your Employer Brand?

Builds the Right Content

Employee-authored text and video content that showcases life at your company to candidates.

Distributed to the Right Places

Automatically distributes approved content to your careers page, social media, Google results, etc.

Plus Analytics

Provides unique analytics, key themes, mobile optimization, and so much more. And, it takes a few minutes to setup.

Let's talk about how LifeGuides can supercharge your employer brand

Examples from some of our happy customers

CDK sends guides to candidates in nearly every email in order to educate them on the role and build mindshare. They also feature guides on iPads at campus events to stand out amongst other companies who are handing out the typical on-campus recruiting brochures.
Netsuite's uses LifeGuides to convert interested candidates into applicants, and to educate candidates before interviews on what the role is actually like, leading to deeper interview conversations.
Pontoon is a recruitment process outsourcing company that works with hundreds of enterprise clients and hires tens of thousands of people per year. LifeGuides is a scalable way to build content about key roles that maintains authenticity, while also giving the client control over final messaging.


What is a guide?

A guide consists of 3-10 employees answering questions on a given topic such as "Working as a backend engineer at Acme Corp" or "Veterans at Acme Corp." Typically, each employee answers 7-10 questions such as "What is your day to day like?" or "What is your career path like?"

When do I see results?

Immediately. After spending a few minutes to setup LifeGuides, you'll start getting testimonials back from your employees. Shortly thereafter your owned media, social, and relevant Google results will be populated by content that shows off what's unique about your company.

How is content created?

We send customized surveys to your employees asking them specific questions like "What is your technology stack?" Employees answer these questions through text, or by hitting 'record' and answering via webcam or their phone's camera. You then get to review the content before it goes live.

How long does it take to setup?

LifeGuides takes 10 minutes to get started, and then another hour to review content once it comes back. So, it's a very meager time commitment. Much of our solution happens automatically in the background so you don't have to think about it.

Is this mobile optimized?

Yes, all our content looks great on a phone, iPad, or other mobile device.

What roles is this right for?

LifeGuides is great for any company that values culture, and the people that they hire. Our clients use it for intern hiring all the way through middle management roles.

How does this fit into social media?

LifeGuides content is great for social sharing. We can automatically push tweets that our system generates for you to twitter, and make it simple to share via other social networks as well.

Can I control the content?

Yes. While 98.5% of content is approved (and when it's not, it's typically grammatical mistakes), you do get final say over what goes live and what doesn't.

Will my content become stale?

LifeGuides makes it easy to continuously update your content. You can add new questions, new employees, or take down old employees with the click of a button.

Let's talk about how LifeGuides can supercharge your employer brand