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How to Make Money as an Instacart Shopper

If you are looking for a side hustle to help you earn extra cash in your spare time, you should consider gig-based jobs.

In the United States, Canada, and the world at large, gig-based jobs are enjoying massive popularity.

Today, gig workers have many different options for making money on their own schedule such as driving for Uber/Lyft, walking dogs, or even using apps such as Instacart to deliver fresh groceries to people’s doorsteps.

While all these are excellent ways to earn extra cash, the focus here is Instacart and the opportunity it presents.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that provides a hassle-free way for busy individuals to shop for groceries without the need to ever step into a store.

Customers simply use the Instacart app to select their city, add grocery items to the shopping cart, enter the preferred delivery time, and checkout.

The order is then received by the Instacart driver/shopper who then picks up the required items at the store, and then drops them off at the customer’s doorstep for a fee.

Instacart is currently available in more then 5,000 cities throughout the United States and Canada.

How Do You Become an Instacart Shopper?

It is quite easy to become an Instacart shopper. All you need to do is open an account and enter your name, phone number, email address, and other details as required. When signing up, you can choose to be either a Full-Service Shopper or an In-Store Shopper.

Full-Service Shoppers

A Full-Service Shopper handpicks groceries at a physical store, bags them, and delivers the order to the customer. A Full-Service Shopper is regarded as an independent contractor. If you apply to become a Full-Service Shopper, you will be required to provide a copy of your driver’s license.

In-Store Shoppers

An In-Store Shopper is considered a part-time Instacart employee and is responsible for shopping in-store for batch items and staging (bagging and labeling) orders to be picked up. Pick-up is done by either a delivery-only Instacart shopper or the actual customer.

If you apply to become an In-Store Shopper, you should expect to receive an email invite for an in-person onboarding session with the option to choose a date and time that works for you. In-Store Shopper positions are only available in select store locations and zone and not all stores or locations are signed up to have In-Store Shoppers.

Requirements Needed to Become an Instacart Shopper

The requirements needed to become an Instacart Shopper will vary depending on the type of shopper you are interested in becoming.

Full-Service Shopper

Full-Service Shoppers are independent contractors, which means that they are free to work as many hours in a week as they please. To be eligible, you will need to:

  • Be legally allowed to work in either the United States or Canada
  • Be at least 18 years old or older
  • Be capable of lifting 30 pounds or more
  • Have an insured and registered vehicle
  • Have a smartphone (iOS 9 or later or Android 5.0 or later)
  • Adhere to Instacart’s food safety policies

If you already have some experience as a personal shopper, in the transportation industry (e.g. as a taxi driver), or as rideshare driver (i.e. Uber, Lyft, etc.), you probably have what it takes to be a successful Full-Service Shopper.

The role will be great for you if you have a vehicle and don’t mind putting miles on it.

It can also be a great fit if you would like to make it a full-time job, because the hours are not restricted.

In addition, you can potentially earn more money in terms of tips and higher paying jobs.

In-Store Shopper

In-Store Shoppers are required to get to the assigned store in time and work the required minimum number of hours. To be eligible, you also need to:

  • Be legally able to work in the United States or Canada
  • Be at least 18 years old or older
  • Be capable of lifting 30 pounds or more
  • Have a smartphone (iOS 9 or later or Android 5.0 or later)
  • Adhere to Instacart’s food safety policies

The role is better suited to those that don’t plan to turn it into a full-time job since the hours are limited.

It can also be a great option for those looking to earn a set hourly age through Instacart but either don’t have a vehicle or don’t wish to put extra mileage on their vehicle.

How Much Money Can Instacart Shoppers Make?

Instacart doesn’t publish the exact amount of money you can expect to earn as an Instacart shopper/driver. However, your pay generally varied depending on the following factors:

  • The number of hours worked
  • The number of orders completed and the types of orders
  • Your location

A Full-Service Shopper is an independent contractor who is paid a variable commission.

An In-store shopper, on the other hand, is considered a part-time employee and is paid a fixed hourly pay. In-store shoppers can work up to 29 hours a week depending on availability.

Besides your pay, you also get to keep all the tips that you receive.

If you have been researching online the potential amount of money that you can earn with Instacart, you will see multiple references showing that $25 per hour is possible.

However, the actual average pay rates appear to be lower.

Based on shopper feedback and reviews online, it appears that In-Store Shoppers earn about $15.75 on average, while Full-Service Shoppers earn close to $24.50.

Payments are made out weekly via check or direct deposit.

Do Instacart Shoppers Make Good Tips?

You can earn good tips as an Instacart Full-Service Shopper. Instacart gives its shoppers the option to include a tip via the app.

A default 5 percent tips is set in the platform, but customers have the freedom to either change the amount or not to tip at all. Customers can also offer shoppers a cash tip upon delivery, at their discretion. I

f you want to earn good tips, make customers happy by delivering orders on time.

Personal Expenses to Expect as a Delivery Driver

If you are applying to become a Full-Service Shopper, you can expect to incur the following personal expenses:

  • Car Insurance: It is one of the eligibility requirements for one to become a Full-Service Shopper. The level of coverage will depend on the local laws.
  • Gas and Vehicle Maintenance: The only way to minimize this expense is to have a fuel-efficient vehicle. Fortunately, you can write off this expense when filing your taxes.
  • Vehicle Depreciation: Your vehicle’s resale value goes down as you rack up more miles. It might not hurt your pocket in the short term, but it is something you need to keep in mind.
  • Insulated Freezer Bag: Instacart Shoppers are required to own and use insulated freezer bags for cold grocery items.
  • Income Taxes: It is not an expense that’s unique to driving for Instacart, but it is something you need to keep in mind.


Instacart can be an incredibly lucrative side hustle if you can maximize your hours and time and be lucky enough to get large tips and bonuses.

It allows you to earn money working on your own schedule as a personal shopper/driver.

Whether or not it is worth your while will depend on how else you are able to monetize your time.

Users that have been very successful with the app recommend delivering orders o time, making customers happy, and racking up positive customer ratings as a way to significantly increase your earnings.

Make Money

HealthyWage Reviews: Is it Legit?

HealthyWage offers a fun way to lose weight, and win real cash for prizes, but is it real?


HealthyWage is totally legit, and you really can earn prizes and money, depending on the weight loss challenge you sign up with.

So whether you’re looking to sign up by yourself, with a partner, or with a group of friends, this HealthyWage review is for you!

Below, we’ll detail exactly how HealthyWage works, the rules, the challenges they’re currently offering, how to sign up, and all the other details you’re going to need to get started.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the hottest name in weight loss challenges – HealthyWage:

How HealthyWage Works

how healthywage works

  1. Pick Your Challenge
  2. Calculate Your Price
  3. Place Your Wager
  4. Start Losing Weight
  5. Win Your Prize Money

HealthyWage offers you, or a team of people, the opportunity to lose weight by taking part in a weight loss challenge. This helps keep you motivated, can make weight loss fun, and actually gives you a chance to win cold hard cash.

There several different formats, so first let’s look at the sign up options you’ll have.

1. Pick Your Challenge

  • Personal Challenge: Join as an Individual
  • Team Challenge
  • Corporate Challenges: Sign up with Your Work Colleagues

The cool thing about HealthyWage, is that they have a number of different options for getting started. Want to set your own personal goal and challenge? You’re covered. Want to make things fun and interesting at work with a corporate weight loss challenge? Boom, you’re covered there too.

Once you’ve decide what type of challenge you’re ready for, then it’s prize time.

2. Calculate Your Price

HealthyWage has a handy calculator for helping out figure out what your potential winnings will be. Just enter your goal, and they’ll tell you how much money you’ll be able to win if you reach it.

3. Place Your Bet

You have the opportunity to boost your HealthyWage winnings by making adjustments to your goal weight, how much you’re willing to contribute, and how long you think it will take to reach your weight loss goal.

Find the prize you want to win, and make your bet!

Hold up your end of the bargain, and you’ll be on your way to winning money.

4. Lose Weight

While the money you can potentially win, the best part of Healthy Wage (in our opinion) is the weight loss. To keep you on track, you’ll be doing weekly weigh-ins.

You’ll also get support form other HealthWagers.

5. Win Your Prize Money (Time to Make it Rain!)

Reach your weight loss goals?

Then you win your prize – it really is that simple.

Real Before & After Pictures and Testimonials

success stories

The proof is in the pudding. Here’s what HealthyWagers have to say about their experience…these before and after photos are worth checking out too.

My name is Kristin W., and as of this morning, I have officially won my HealthyWage bet, lost 114.5 pounds and won $4000!

I started with just walking and tracking my food using MyFitnessPal. I started around 1200-1500 calories a day, and have gradually increased my calories so that hopefully maintaining my weight will be a little easier and less a shock of adding a bunch of calories back in. I’m training now for a half marathon in the fall, and planning on a full next year!

The competitive aspect along with the prospect of winning money (and losing it!) were just enough for me to get going – it drew me away from my troubles and desire to eat just enough to get me off to a decent start, and from there I gained momentum bit by bit…By investing in myself each month for the wager, something within me shifted toward caring for myself, valuing myself, in new ways fighting for me in ways that have gotten me back to my true self, my true figure, my internal freedom and yep, even my running to some degree.

I just have no idea where I would be if it weren’t for my sister who reached out to me in my pit, and Healthy Wage who reached into my mess and helped me make some beauty. I feel so grateful. -Darchelle W.

HealthyWage Challenges

healthywage challenges

At last check, these were the challenges available via HealthyWage:

  • HealthyWager Challenge Rules
  • $10,000 Team Challenge
  • Team Jackpot: Mo’ Money, Less Pounds Jackpot Challenge
  • Personal Jackpot: Beach Body Jackpot Challenge
  • Jackpot: No Pack to Six Pack Jackpot Challenge
  • Thinner, Thinner, Winner, Winner Jackpot Challenge
  • The Uphill Climb Step Challenge
  • Swim Suit Time Jackpot Challenge
  • Fit, Fab, Fun, Jackpot Challenge
  • Step Master Step Challenge
  • Time to Shape Up Jackpot Challenge
  • Get Lean Jackpot Challenge
  • Thintastic Jackpot Challenge
  • Walk Your Way to Winning Step Challenge
  • The Good Sweat Jackpot Challenge
  • Summer Workout Jackpot Challenge
  • Step On Up Step Challenge
  • Sunshine Warrior Jackpot Challenge
  • #BodGoals Jackpot Challenge
  • You Got to Move it, Move it Step Challenge

Learn more and sign up for the HealthyWage Challenge of your choice here.


Of course, there are rules to the HealthyWage Challenges, are they’re going to vary depending on which Challenge you sign up for. For the most part, though, these are the basic rules you are expected to follow:

  • Place Your Wager
  • Once You Place Your Bet, Your Prize Amount is Locked
  • Get Paid in Cash if You Win Your Wager
  • Your Payments to HealthyWage Start on the Day You Sign up
  • Clock Starts Running After Your First Verfied Weigh-In
  • You Can Buy More Time to Reach Your Goals if You Need it

Once you’ve signed up for a Challenge, you can get more detailed rules and instructions at the official HealthyWage website.

HealthyWage Cheating?

We wouldn’t recommend it!

Because there is real money on the line, HealthWage takes potential cheating violations very seriously. Bottom line: Cheaters will get caught.

How they Catch Cheaters

  • They Use Proprietary Algorithms to Catch Cheaters
  • They Review Weigh-Ins
  • If Necessary, Outside Investigators or Law Enforcement May Be Contacted to Catch Cheaters

Anyone caught breaking the rules doesn’t get refunds.

Bodybuilders, trainers, or professional athletes also aren’t allowed to participate in HealthyWage, making for a much more level playing field for us everyday folks.

Verified Weigh Ins

Another way to the make sure HealthyWagers’ results are real is by conducing verified weigh-ins. You only have to verify your starting and ending weights. Beyond that, you can enter your weight each week, just to help keep yourself on track, but these weekly weigh-ins don’t have to be verified.

Is HealthyWage a Scam?


HealthyWage is the real deal.

While earning money to lose weight may seem too good to be true, HealthyWage is the real deal. HealthyWage makes their money from corporations and government agencies who sign up very large groups, and they’re able to pass that on to the small fish, like you!

Plus, remember, you have to place a monetary wager – that means you’re betting on yourself to reach your weight loss goals within a certain amount of time. If you can reach those goals, in the set amount to time then you will win money! If you lose, then you’ll be out some of your own money.

This creates serious motivation for you to reach your goals!

The best way to find out, is to visit the HealthyWage website – from there you can get all the details, and see what makes this company the real deal.

Does HealthyWage Really Pay Out?


When you sing up for HealthyWage, place your wager, and hit your goals, then you will, in fact, get paid out.

Remember, though, you are placing a wager on yourself, which means there’s some risk involved here. You’re actually betting on yourself to reach your goals?

It’s designed to give you a real incentive to reach your weight loss goals, but it does involve some monetary risk on your part.


HealthyWage is the real deal, and can be a fun and exciting way to lose weight.

By placing a wager on yourself, you will have the motivation to reach your weight loss goals, and if you hit them, you have the opportunity to win real money.

They have a variety of fun challenges to pick from, you can sign up by yourself, with a partner, or even with a group, so you have a variety of options for getting started.

If you’re ready to finally reach your weight loss goals, in a way that can actually improve your bank account, then it’s time to give HealthyWage a try.


Employer Branding ebooks Metrics

Improve Your HR Metrics by Harnessing the Power of Data

Companies like FitBit have made us addicted to data. If you want to lose weight, you can use data to better understand your sleep and activity habits, and then make changes to reach your goals.

By simply wearing their product and choosing from an array of applications, you are provided with eye-opening data, and even a bit of fun in the process.

So why not use data to attract more of the right candidates and improve your bottom line?

Employer Branding and Your Bottom Line

The concept of Employer Branding is fairly new to many people, but the return for companies that invest in this area deserves consideration. Take a look at these statistics from a LinkedIn study on how a great Employer Brand can improve your company’s bottom line:

    • 28% reduction in the organization’s turnover
    • 50% cost per hire reduction
    • 50% more qualified applicants
    • 1-2x faster time to hire

Source: LinkedIn study.

Accurate data analytics with actionable insights provides the key to unlocking this kind of value.

Free Analytics Tool

Ready to get started? Click here to get access to our EB Influence Analytics tool. This is a great starting point for understanding what is involved with Employer Brand measurement, along with an insightful comparison to your competitors.

Remember the FitBit example? Imagine having that experience with your Employer Brand. Insightful data about your strategies, your social influence, proof of your ROI; all of these things and more are possible when you harness the power of data analytics.

How to Get Get Started with Employer Branding

Working along with the analytics, here’s a few recommendations for measuring and improving your Employer Brand:

  1. Figure out what the ‘finish line’ looks like. There are general goals that can be achieved by managing a great EB, but it’s time to get specific. What type of candidate are you looking to attract? Is your EVP (Employer Value Proposition) clear and communicated effectively? Answer these questions first and then plan your strategies and tactics to support those goals.
  2. Choose, measure and track what matters. Use our EB Influence Analytics tool to start. As you move forward, decide on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) related to your people and culture goals, and then track them as you implement your changes.
  3. Implement changes based on your data and current research. Trends that appear in your data, or in relevant research in the field (eg. The LinkedIn study above) will bring opportunities for change, so it’s important to always be open to trying new things like employee generated content, videos that openly share who you are without too much production, and other ideas that may be outside of your norm.
  4. Reap ALL the benefits of a great Employer Brand. After you’ve put in some serious work on points one through three, you’ll begin to see a return on your Employer Brand investment. Follow your key HR metrics (see examples from the LinkedIn list above) from start to finish and you’ll see the positive effects that a great Employer Brand has on your bottom line.

Start Small, Start Now

The concept of Employer Branding is gaining momentum all over the world, in companies of all types and sizes. Employers are quickly recognizing the return on investment here, in areas like employee retention, engagement, and ultimately, their bottom line. Whether you are a team of one or one-hundred, you can start small, but you should start today.